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1. Customized products you order in SMALL quantities that will not break your budget!
2. Personal customer service
3. An extra set of eyes and hands researching and making things happen for your spirit store, school or organization


I started selling some of the fabulous, unique items that moms – known as “Mom-Preneurs” – created at my son’s private school in Addison, TX. The items were personalized, customized and molded to fit their needs. We developed a blessed partnership in helping each other serve their clients. It was at that point that I realized a completely untapped market – there wasn’t anyone helping spirit shops thrive. There were so many of them floundering due to lack of time, resources or space. Enter Mobiltique Sprit to the rescue!


Mobiltique Spirit has branched out into helping schools raise funds for necessities like playground covers. Blanton Elementary is utilizing our spirit products to raise funds to meet their goal of a playground cover to shield their students from the sun. Blanton Elementary’s PTA has done a fabulous job of ensuring they order and implement the right spirit items to reach their goal. Mobiltique is proud to help by giving back to communities. Mobiltique Spirit will also help any BOOSTER CLUBS find that one fabulous product with your logo on it that you need to sell at games or as a fund raiser for either the cheer team, soccer team, baseball or whatever. Mobiltique Spirit will help you find the right products to increase revenues for your school, booster club and spirit stores.

"I love working with Alice at Mobiltique! She is professional, efficient, and fun to be around. She is able to locate items I want to have in my store and always delivers in a timely fashion. The vendors she uses create the most wonderful items. She makes my job easier.–Amanda, Spirit Store Manager, Addison, TX

"We love working with Mobiltique Spirit. Alice helps our shop order quality and unique products in smaller quantities that won't break our budget - but still allows us to maximize our profits! Alice also personally orders, researches and delivers our custom products in a timely and professional manner. This saves us time, money and most of all gives us a helping hand to ensure we have the best products on the market today."–The Scot Shop